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Sunday, May 14, 2006
History of S.H.E Daybook . S.H.E Daybook的來源

S.H.E Daybook was officially opened by it's very owner on Thursday, 2nd February 2006.
Creating and supporting the whole site single-handed, hardwork has been seen by countless of fans with hundreds of visitors each day.

S.H.E Daybook is considered as a mini site which does not hold the capacity and the need of registered users of those who have provided forums thus every activity held here is very limited yet 100% wholeheartedly.

What does S.H.E Daybook provide?
Our main purpose we wish to acheive is to pass S.H.E's blog messages to all non-chinese speaking fans.

On occasions when time allows, S.H.E related news would be translated.

How can I trust S.H.E Daybook?
Please be assured that all messages translated by us are 100% original messages posted by S.H.E. S.H.E Daybook will never provide faux messages or information.

For any enquires, please contact us at she911service@gmail.com


S.H.E Daybook 是在 2006/2/2 正是開始的.
獨立自主創造S.H.E Daybook 的主人的辛苦及決心已被無數的S.H.E歌迷看到了, 每天至少有幾百人上 S.H.E Daybook.

S.H.E Daybook 算是個迷你網站所以
S.H.E Daybook 也不需要大家註冊所以 S.H.E Daybook 的活動總是 有限.

S.H.E Daybook 會有什麼呢?
我們最重要的目的是要把S.H.E 在部落恪的留言都讓全聽不懂中文的歌迷們, 好讓他們更了解更喜歡S.H.E.

但有時候, 當時間允許, 有關S.H.E的最新新聞也可以在這找得到哦.

我可以相信S.H.E Daybook 嗎?
當然! 請放心, 我們所反應的S.H.E留言都是100%真正的. S.H.E Daybook 絕對不會提供假留言.

如果有什麼問題, 您可以EMAIL我們到 she911service@gmail.com